Everyone knows how Santa Claus looks…
You’ve seen his pictures in his picture books, 
You’ve heard about his house. 
With the North Pole near. 
And his sack, 
And his sleigh, 
And his eight reindeer. 
But did you ever before in your life, 
Know that Santa Claus had a wife?

Well he has. 
She’s the reason he doesn’t get thinner, 
For she serves his breakfast, 
And cooks his dinner. 
She warms his slippers and dries his boots, 
And mends the fur, on Santa Claus suits. 

Mrs Claus also does an amazing job of entertaining the little people with her songs and stories.

So make sure you bring them down to Bunbury Centre Point to listen to all her tales and get in the Christmas spirit.

Story telling will be held at Santa’s Throne 16, 17, 23 and 24 November from 10am to 1pm in 20 minute sessions. Bookings are not required.