I am so excited that Christmas is almost here, 
It is the most magical time of year. 
Elf is full of magic, Bunbury Centre Point is very blessed, 
He’s full of Christmas spirit, and he’s the very best. 
Each night he’ll use his magic to fly back to the North Pole, 
To tell Santa who get’s presents, and who gets stockings full of coal. 
Elf will be hiding in a new place every day, 
So when Elf goes back to Santa, he’ll have nice things to say. 
One more important rule before I go, 
Please don’t ever touch Elf, he’ll lose his magic and have to go. 
So remember to listen to your parents and be kind in every way, 
And you will be rewarded with gifts on Christmas Day. 

Where is Elf on the Shelf? He is hiding…but where is he? He is somewhere hidden in Bunbury Centre Point Shopping Centre, and if you find him you could win a $25 Bunbury Centre Point gift voucher!

To enter, located our Elf, write your details on our entry form outside Target and place it in the barrel.
There will be a winner drawn each week day so come in and find our Elf!