Hello Valued Customers,

With the increasing focus on COVID-19, we would like to update you on the key actions Primewest Centre Point Management are taking in response to this fast moving situation.

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees, tenants and visitors. To ensure we take appropriate steps to manage the risk of COVID-19, the following actions have been undertaken at the Property:

As part of our preparations, we have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for high touch areas, such as lobbies and bathrooms.  We have cancelled all school holiday and elderly events, until further notice.

Additionally, we are staying apprised of the guidance material being issued by the World Health Organisation and the Australian Department of Health. As additional information on managing COVID-19 becomes available, the specific measures we are taking at the Property may be revised. 

We are asking for Support from Tenants.

It is important that all Tenants promptly notify Management of any circumstance where:

  • a person with COVID-19; or
  • a person that has had close contact with someone with COVID-19,

has attended the Property. That information will enable Management to minimise any risks to building occupants.

To further assist Management with the management of COVID-19, we encourage you to monitor and follow the guidance provided by the Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. Those organisations are amongst the most knowledgeable on COVID-19, and as such are a great resource in determining best practice as it applies to your tenancy and your business.  The following resources may be of assistance:

Australian Department of Health COVID-19 Health Alert

World Health Organisation – Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

We must advise that, even with the best of intentions, Management staff are not authorised or qualified to guide or influence you in the preparation of your response strategy to COVID-19. As such, we recommend that you seek independent specialist advice on how best to ensure the continuity of your business.

Kind Regards,

Primewest Centre Point Management.